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Why Creating layers of light with display led light

How to light your (art)works with ODF led light

Why taking a priceless piece of (art) work and transforming it with led light of ODF.

Why you don’t need to lighting up the whole space, that’s not necessary.  ‘Start at ceiling level with something that lights key furniture arrangements, mantelpieces or credenzas. Think of the room as a stage and light the locations in which the action takes place. Coming down to wall level, use something like picture lights to lower the apparent height of the ceiling, create a cosy ambience and bring out the colours in any artworks. Finally, add table lights and floor lamps around the room’s focus areas to draw people to them.’

Why Switch to ODF’s LEDs 

European legislation is gradually phasing out incandescent light bulbs all picture lights will have to be upgraded. On a brighter note, ODF’s LEDs do not emit the infrared and ultraviolet rays and, more importantly, the heat produced by halogens and other incandescent bulbs, which can damage delicate artworks. Other benefits include significant energy savings, lower costs and better light distribution. ‘If the light intensity at the top of a painting is within three times that at the bottom, the eye tricks itself into thinking that the painting is evenly lit.’

Why using ODF’s display led lighting?  To display your painting, your works or some books to read.

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