BAY15D 1157 Bayonet 12V24V LED 27

11.99 inc. 21% BTW

BAY15D 1157 Bajonet LED Lamp

BAY!5D is een LED lamp fitting met 2 ongelijke uitwendige pinnetjes buitenzijde lampfitting


Spanning LED lamp: DC10-30V/AC8-18V

Geschikt voor DC12Volt en DC24Volt

Piekspanning tot DC30V

Geschikt voor AC 12Volt

Piekspanning tot AC18Volt

Vermogen 3.5Watt

Lumen: 310 Lumen

Vervangt ca 30Watt BAY15D gloeilamp

Lichtkleur: 2700Kelvin-2900Kelvin, warm licht


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BAY15D 1157 Bajonet LED Bulb

BAY15D LED Bulb, with non equal 2 pins outside lamp base


Voltage LED Bulb: DC10-30V/AC8-18V

Use for DC12Volt en DC24Volt

Peak Voltage till DC30V

Can use on AC 12Volt

Peak Voltage till AC18Volt

Power: 3.5Watt

Lumen: 310 Lumen

Light Color: 2700Kelvin-2900Kelvin, warm light

Additional information

Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 5 cm
Dimbare LED

Non Dimmable

lichtkleur (K)

2700 Kelvin, 2800 Kelvin, 2900 Kelvin

Piekspanning (V)

18Volt, 30Volt



Spanning (V)

12Volt LED, 24Volt LED, 8Volt LED


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